It’s On, Baby

Hey hey, it’s Tuesday!

I’m currently watching the newest episode of Glee and I’ve gotta say – it’s just not doing it for me this season. The drama, the blatant unprofessionalism by the teachers, the completely inappropriate clothing. Maybe it’s just because it’s set in high school, haha.

I hit the gym for another weights session  and some easy cardio after work today. Here is today’s back/biceps breakdown:

Exercise Set/Reps Weight
wide grip lat pull-down 3×12 40lbs
reverse-grip lat pull-down 3×10 40lbs
seated cable row 3×12 45lbs
alternating bicep curls 3×8 15lbs
hammer curls 3×12 10lbs
seated reverse fly 3×10 5lbs
wide grip bicep curl 3×12 10lbs

Followed by 20 brain-numbing minutes on the elliptical. Thankfully Law & Order: SVU was on and distracted me.


Today’s marathon update:

If you want to pretend to be my stalker on race day, you can sign up for runner tracking – I’m bib #16406. You can also watch live streaming video at NBC 5 Chicago until (I think) 11am.

All my running clothes are washed and drying. I’ve got a 3 mile run scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday, then it’s rest until race day!

If any of you are running (or spectating) the Chicago Marathon let me know! I’d love to meet some of you guys! Besides family, that is. They already know how awesome I am (haha).

Catch ya later!

2 thoughts on “It’s On, Baby

  1. Amy

    I gave up on Glee half way through last season as well! Too much teen scandal not enough singing and dancing I think!
    Good luck in Chicago!!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Yeah, the obnoxious teenagers are too much. I think I’m just watching out of habit now.

      And thanks – I’ll need all the luck I can get on Sunday!


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