Last Eight

Saturday morning I completed my last long run of marathon training!


A nice 8 miles in 1:24 – I couldn’t ask for any better! That’s an average pace of about 10:45 – smack dab in the middle of my goal race pace of 10:30 – 11:00. That last .10 miles was actually walking, so the average running pace may be a teensy bit faster, too.

This was a near perfect run. The weather was amazing,  about 43 degrees when we started. My legs were well rested and I think I only took 2 walking breaks – both up hills near the end of my 8 miles.

Again I filled my water bottle with plain water, but had a few sips of Gatorade at our water stop – miles 3.25 and 4. 75. I also had a chocolate Gu the second time I stopped. Yum.

Post-run I grabbed a bagel and strawberry milk from the store and headed home to stretch and ice.



I felt really good during this run.

Chicago is just a few days away and I’m beginning to go into “race mode.” All I can think about is Chicago and everything that goes with it. Matt will probably want to remove the words “Chicago,” “marathon,” and “running” from my vocabulary after Sunday. But I don’t care. This is something that I once thought was impossible and am incredibly proud of myself for getting this far.

Not it’s time to taper and stay healthy for the big day!

4 thoughts on “Last Eight

  1. allofmywords

    I am so psyched for you and will be thinking of you all day on Sunday. Please post or have Matt Tweet for you during the race!!!!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Definitely. I’ll probably be tweeting from the start corral before the gun goes off, too. : )

      Sent from my iPhone


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