Goals–Checking In

Can you believe it’s the end of September? It was really quite a month. It came in hot and humid and now we’re dipping into the 30s at night here in Illinois. Fall has definitely arrived.

So, back at the beginning of the month I set some goals for myself.

Well, how did I do?

1) Eat more vegetables.   Meh. I took a lot of salads for lunch, and tried to get a veggie with dinner, but I’m still having a tough time snacking on them. I think in October I’m going to set aside time on Sundays to chop and portion veggie snacks for the week.

2) Plan meals better. I sorta half-assed this one. I did plan out a few meals in advance, but there were more nights when it was just easier to cook a frozen pizza rather than a “real” meal.

3) Finish marathon training strong and healthy. Yes! My weekday mileage hasn’t been perfect, a few miles short, but I’m feeling healthy and strong. No injuries to speak of, and I’m feeling really confident about Chicago.

4) Cross-train at least once a week. Hmm. I haven’t been doing lots of cardio cross-training (bike, elliptical) but I’ve been getting 1-2 weight sessions in each week, if that counts. I’ve taken more rest days than normal, but my weekly long runs (and total mileage) was at the peak for marathon training.

5) Manage my time better. Well, I did manage to get in most of my runs, and read 3 books, but I have laundry piled up in the bathroom, I’ve only blogged a handful of times (eek!) and my apartment is pretty messy. I’d say this is a no for the month and is a work in progress for October.

I’ll definitely keep working on all of these next month, as well as a few new goals.

Tell me: did you do anything you’re proud of in September?

1 thought on “Goals–Checking In

  1. dad

    do anything I’m proud of in September ??

    Yeah I did they are as follows :

    1. Visit with my mom in memphis

    2. visit and check out my daughters apartment ,(that’s you melissa)

    3. Go fishing on the Mississippi

    4. Catch at least 1 good size fish(thanks Melissa I got 4 in quincy and 1 so far in chicago).

    5. I also got to help make Wal-mart history again when I helped set up the first Neighborhood market in Illinois. That’s 2 first for Wal-mart I got to help with this year. Waiting to see if I’ll get to help with the Wrigleyville store.

    Thanks for helping with numbers 2,3 and 4, made my vac worthwhile.

    Love you pumpkin


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