Dirty Dozen

Last Saturday’s long run was nearly perfect. I got up with my alarm at 5am, which never happens – it usually takes at least one snooze cycle. I got dressed in the bathroom so I didn’t wake up Matt, drank a glass of water, and started eating a Clif bar (crunchy peanut butter, fyi). The weather was nice and chilly – about 47 degrees before I left the house at 5:40.

I got to the group meeting place and chatted a bit before we headed out. It was still dark and a few runners had headlamps on to light our way.

I felt really good as we started out. The cooler temps make such a huge difference in my speed and general comfort – if I had my way it’d be 50’s all year round and we could always wear tights and long sleeves.

I was determined to stay with the group this week after last weeks  crap-tastic 20 miles (which seems like it was much farther in the past) and kept the pace to right around 10:15 min/mile.

The water stop was halfway through the course and we fueled up with some Gatorade and Gu.

With about a mile to go I started getting some aches in my left hip and took a few more walking breaks than normal – but I was running when my Garmin chirped “12!”

After a quick stop at the grocery store for a bagel, cream cheese, and strawberry milk I went home and started icing my sore legs.

Since then I’ve been feeling pretty good. I actually went to the gym Sunday with Matt for some cross-training and weights. Usually Sunday is my rest day, but it felt pretty good to work up a sweat Smile


Monday and Tuesday were rest days – Monday was intended, Tuesday was not. Things just got in the way and running didn’t happen.

I did get into the gym today for 2 miles on the treadmill and a little bit of upper body strength work. I wanted to hit 3 miles, but my left knee was twinging a bit after 2 and I didn’t want to anger it more. Though, I’m not sure if it was real pain or just paranoid taper pain. Hopefully just the second one. I’ll be icing and foam rolling just to be safe.

I know I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, and I’ve just felt so busy with working (yay!), running, and trying to get our apartment in some kind of order. Seriously, we moved 2 months ago and still have lots of stuff in boxes and lying around. I don’t like it.

Anywho, nothing else too exciting going on ‘round here. As of tomorrow we’ll be in the single digit countdown to the marathon, and I haven’t started to freak out. Yet. I promise I’ll let you know when that happens.

So…what’s the last thing you freaked out about?


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