Wedding Wednesday Vol. 18


Just 275 days until our wedding! Can you believe it?

So, way back in February I announced that Matt and I had found our reception site. I mentioned that there was an adjoining patio for our room, that only we had access to. At the time the patio was undergoing a renovation – a big renovation. I really wish I had taken pictures then so I could show a before and after. It’s pretty astounding!

Here’s what it looks like now:


There was going to be a ceremony out there the evening we visited. It’s a gorgeous setting to get married in.


Pathway over a little stream/pond thing.


Ooh, pretty.


The beginning of the pathway.


And here’s the covered part of the patio. These chairs were set up for the ceremony, but we’ll probably just have some cocktail tables out there.


More chairs. I didn’t really like how set apart all the ceremony seating was.


Seating, again. And that window there? That actually opens into the bar, so if lots of people are hanging out on the patio they can get served drink from there. Nice!


Now here are a few more shots of the interior. It was all set up for a (large) wedding that night – there were 18 people at the head table!


The long, skirted table in the far left is the head table. Ours will be considerably smaller!


Another view, from the main entrance to the room. We’ll have about 5 fewer tables, so it won’t seem so cluttered.


That stage will be where the DJ sets up – right at the front of the gorgeous wood dance floor.


Seeing it all set up like this, with a completed patio, made me really, really happy with our decision to get married at Gaelic Park. Another awesome thing about our venue? They have literally a closet full of vases/hurricanes/fishbowls to use for FREE! Not having to buy loads of stuff I’ll never use again is awesome in my book.

What else did we do over Labor Day weekend? We found our church and officiant! But that will have to wait for another day to talk about…

Have a happy Wednesday!


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