We’re Getting There – 14

It has definitely been a week.

Are you a Sheldon or a Penny?

Friday night Matt & I went out to a local bar/restaurant/music venue for a free concert. It was a pretty good time, but I ended up eating and drinking more than I intended.

Saturday I slept in a bit before heading to work for a  few hours <—- my last day (for a while) at my part-time job. It was seasonal and we’re entering it’s slow season (tux rental). I’m cool with it, though, as I’ve been very busy subbing.

Sunday morning I woke up around 6:30 and got ready for a long (long, long) run. I got dressed in the clothes I’d laid out the night before, drank a glass of water, ate some toast with peanut butter, and laced up my shoes.

The temperature was pretty perfect – mid-60s, not too humid, no rain in sight – as I headed out around 8.

I didn’t have a specific route mapped out – I’m lucky that our neighborhood is pretty well connected by bike paths and sidewalks.

Fuel I brought with me:

– 22 oz. water bottle with 1/2 Gatorade

– 2 packets of Gu gel (espresso and tri-berry)

– 1 serving fruit snacks (~100 cals worth)

– 1 package fruit punch sports beans


What I actually ate:

– 1 packet sports beans (mile 4.5)

– espresso flavored Gu (mile 8) – did not like this flavor

– fruit snacks (mile 12)

– all the Gatorade + filled up with H2O twice.


I ran a (long) 14 miles and let me tell you – it was not easy. Physically, I can do the long runs. I’ve been training my body for them for a while now. Mentally, the time is getting tough. This week I continued to listen to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but I still found my mind wandering into a negative space far too often. I think for next week I’m going to upload some new tunes onto my iPod shuffle. Maybe that will be the push I need.

The first 10 miles were not too bad. I stopped at 4.75 for a bathroom break, then again around mile 9. After I hit the 10 mile mark I started to get tired – physically and mentally. Being on the road for that long, running, really can get to you. I definitely want to write a post on beating mental fatigue.

Anyway, the last 4 miles I was basically bribing myself with anything I could think of. Giant cup of root beer? Sure! Soup in a bread bowl? Definitely! Not doing anything the rest of the day? Bring it! I walked a lot those last few miles. My calves were cramping something fierce and my hips were super tight. But, I made it through and my Garmin chirped at about 11:30 let me know I’d travelled 14 miles that morning.

I texted Matt and asked him to pick me up at a gas station when I was done. The road back to our apartment is fairly hilly and just thinking about running back up them made me want to cry and cut my legs off.

I grabbed a super large root beer sans ice and hopped in the air conditioned car, then we headed to Panera for some delicious refueling. The days choice was a cup of black bean soup (yum) in a sourdough bread bowl – with a side of whole grain baguette.

My stomach is weird and doesn’t want food right after a long run – it usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. Just enough time to ice bath and shower the stink off me.

My knee/IT band has been bugging me all week, and I’ve kept it easy with a 2 mile treadmill run yesterday (in new shoes) and a 3 mile run today. Tomorrow will be on the ‘mill as well, because it’s supposed to get up to 100 degrees. Not cool, September. Not cool.

Now it’s off to bed to dream of pain-free runs. Isn’t that every runners dream?

Tell me: what song/artist/album do I just have to listen to while I run?

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