T-minus 46 Days

Until I try not to die in Chicago.

Today I actually ran the scheduled amount of miles and did so before it was 90 degrees outside. Great success!

Matt left for work early today so I was actually awake before 7. I stayed in bed until this face annoyed me enough to get up and feed him.

049 - Copy


After the cat was saved from certain death by starvation I changed into running clothes and slathered on sunscreen. No need to get burned (again) like I did Sunday.

One mini bagel, glass of water, and tragic self-portrait later I was out the door.


The plan was to run the first half with no walk breaks, stop and stretch, walk every .75 miles for a minute or so. And I actually stuck to the plan, mostly!

The run was slow (about 11 min/mile) and a little painful. My joints are still hella sore after Sunday, which has me thinking it’s time to break in some new shoes.

Also, why is it that hills seem so much worse on the way back then they did on the way out? There’s one on my route that gets me every. single. time.


Not too shabby, friends. Now I can check that off the training calendar.


Pretty much what I felt like the last 2 miles. That humidity is a killer.


It will also turn you into a sweaty swamp monster. And because no one was home to point me towards the shower immediately, I didn’t. Food was much more important.

Todays eats have included:

iced coffee, oats in a jar (w/pb, walnuts, and choc. chips), giant salad w/chicken breast, and some spearmint leaves. Oh, and about 3 big glasses of water. Yay.

I still have no clue what this weeks Wedding Wednesday should be about. I guess I should get on that tonight, huh?

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday, despite the crazy weather – or tectonic plates if you live in Colorado or the East Coast. Catch ya later!

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