It’s CHO Wonderful!


While on vacation a few weekends ago I happened to check Twitter and saw this in my feed.

cho tweet

Um, me, please! I immediately tweeted back and was asked to DM my contact info to be sent my coupons.

A few weeks and lots of busy-ness later and I’d almost forgotten that I’d replied to Chobani. Imagine my happiness and surprise when I came home and saw an envelope hand addressed to me with this as the return address.


I ripped it open and saw this adorable card inside.


Filled with 12 coupons for delicious Chobani – as well as a magnet to stick on the fridge that holds the Chobani.


How awesome is it that Jenn handwrote this little note?


Thanks to Jenn and Chobani for sending these!

* Chobani sent me these coupons for free as part of an Instagram giveaway. I was not compensated in any way other than with delicious Greek yogurt.

2 thoughts on “It’s CHO Wonderful!

  1. Liz

    I love twitter contests…I have won a subway gift card and a pair of Wizards bball tickets!
    Also love Chobani, especially the pomegranate. Cute card!


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