Friday Thoughts

Hey hey it’s Friday!

Nothing too exciting has been going on over here this week, and that’s partly why I haven’t blogged. There’s been nothing to blog about!

I’ve fallen into a workout rut or something, because I had absolutely no desire to run or hit the gym the last two days. I was actually feeling a little twinge in my left knee and ankle, so maybe I subconsciously needed some rest? I don’t know. It just frustrates me that I want to get to my goal weight, want to successfully run the Chicago Marathon, and want to look fit and healthy on my wedding day – yet I can barely find the motivation to get out the door. Grr.

School is back in session and that means another year of substitute teaching. Yay. <—– Can you detect my enthusiasm?

Really, though, I love subbing (mostly) because I get to see how lots of different teachers set up their classrooms, write their lesson plans, and teach their students. It’s great practice for when I get my elementary certification.

Speaking of which, I spoke with the dean of education yesterday at our local university, and it left my head swirling with lots of possibilities and excitement. But that’s all I’ll say for now until Matt & I make a decision.

Alright, time to get the day started. Have a great Friday!

1 thought on “Friday Thoughts

  1. Kristen

    I need workout motivation, too. Let’s do a Jill video together next time you’re in town.


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