Happy afternoon! No work for me today, so it’s been a ‘get stuff done around the apartment’ kind of day.

I went to the gym earlier and got in a nice 30 minutes on the ellipitical while reading the new women’s health, then killed my chest, shoulders, and triceps.

1a. Incline dumbbell bench press 12.5lb 3×10
1b. Incline dumbbell chest fly 12.5lb 3×10
2a. Upright dumbbell row 10lb 3×12
2b. Dumbbell Shoulder press 10lb 3×10
3a. Y-raise (45 degree shoulder raise) 5lb 3×10
3b. Tricep bench dip 3×10
4a. Lying tricep extension 15lb bar 3×12
4b. Front raise 5lb 3×12

Right now I’m waiting on laundry to finish/neighbor to empty the dryer while beginning to read “The Paleo Solution.”

For anyone who doesn’t know anything about this diet, it’s based on eating like out hunter-gatherer caveman ancestors did. Eating the way we did before there was a McDonalds on every corner and aisles of highly processed junk foods. I have a feeling it’s pretty close to how I eat anyway, but I’ve seen people talking about it and thought I’d find out for myself.


Anyone following/followed the paleo diet? Whats your take on it?

P.S. I finally get cable and Internet back tomorrow morning and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to finally get back to reading blogs on my computer and blogging like normal on WLW.

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