Back in the Saddle Workout

Whoop whoop – two workouts in a row!

I headed to the gym today for a run on the treadmill – and to get in the weight room.  It’s been a while (like, before marathon training) since I strength trained with any consistency and it’s started to show in my muscles.

Getting back on the workout train after a hiatus (planned or otherwise) is always really difficult for me – and probably for you too! I found that what works best for me is to jump in with both feet. Making sure I stock up and eat lots of healthy foods and fit in exercise every day makes the transition a lot easier to maintain.

This past weekend I was able to (finally!) try on my wedding dress. It’s been living at my mom’s house since she picked it up last month, and will continue to live there until the wedding day. I know if I had it with me I would want to put it on every day, and thereby increase the chances of Matt accidentally seeing me in it. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, I tried on my dress. It made me realize that I need to seriously start to sculpt my upper body and get on the ball with losing the last 20 – 30 lbs so I can look even more amazing in it. Easier said than done, right?

Today’s workout was a 3 mile run followed by a back/bicep centered strength workout:

  • 1a. Bent over row 10lb 10×3
  • 1b. Hammer curl 10lb 10×3
  • 2a. Lat pullover 15lb bar 12×3 – love these!
  • 2b. Reverse fly 7.5lb 8×3
  • 3a Back Extension  12×3
  • 3b. Bicep Curl 12lb 10×3
  • Unless otherwise noted, I used 2 dumbbells of the specified weight. I also like to lift with higher weight – lower reps in order to a) spend less time in the weight room and b) build muscle and strength

Before I hopped in the shower to rinse the sweat off, I weighed myself – the first time since before my French fry/ice cream/burger/beer/pizza filled vacation. The result? 185.2! When I weight myself (in the morning) before I left for the mountains I was 185.4 – so somehow I lost at least 0.2 lbs. I was shocked at first and wasn’t sure it was right, so I weighed myself 3 more times in different spots on the floor. Same thing each time. It’s a miracle.

I also measured my body fat percentage at the gym after my workout. They have the handheld calculator, which isn’t 100% accurate, but better than nothing. It told me that my current body fat is 31.3% with a BMI of 29.3. I’d love to get my body fat down to about 18 – 22% after I lose the rest of the weight and transition to more strength training. But,  that’s a post for another day.

Today I’m planning (hoping?) for a 7 mile long-ish run, followed by lots of errands and crossing things off the to-do list.

Check back later for a new Wedding Wednesday post!

What are your tips for getting back on the healthy living wagon after a setback?

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