Hot & Sweaty 2(.5)

Woo boy, was I a sweaty mess after my run yesterday afternoon!

Because I am a super-genius-smarty pants, I thought 1:30 in the afternoon would be the absolute perfect time for a run down my not-so-shady street. Wrong.

I ended up going just 2.5 miles, and walked most of the last half mile. The whole time I was running I just kept thinking how weighed down i felt. Not running a significant (aka marathon training) distance in 2 weeks coupled with haven eaten out more times than I can count for 10 days has caught up with me. Trust me, I’m trying to outrun it Smile


I also had to work last night, so that was cutting into the time available to run in. Boo.


I also wore shorts on my run today for the first time in a while. I usually avoid them because big thighs + running = mini shorts and chafing. I rubbed some Vaseline (sorry body glide lovers!) on them and it worked really well! I’ve actually used body glide while wearing shorts before and it never seemed to last long enough. It does work really well to prevent blisters on my feet though. Long story short, my legs felt soooo much cooler while running. I may need to find some Nike Tempos in the (near) future.

I’m still not quite back on track with marathon training, but this was just day one of me getting back on track.

How do you get back on track with eating well and exercising after an indulgent vacation?

2 thoughts on “Hot & Sweaty 2(.5)

  1. Andrea @ Andrea out loud!

    This post made me definitely laugh because I avoid shorts a lot too because I also have big thighs. I recently just moved to a hotter climate though so they are becoming more of my friend…
    PS. just found your blog and loving it!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Haha. I have so many pairs of running shorts in my drawer being neglected by my thunder thighs and I feel bad for them.

      Glad you found my blog! I love getting new readers!

      Sent from my iPhone


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