There’s No Place Like Home

Hey everybody! I’m alive!

We finally made it back home after 10 days of traveling all over the place. There was driving, flying, biking, hiking, running (just a little), dancing, celebrating, and lots of eating.

Comcast is being super-duper awesome and can’t (won’t?) be out until Friday to hook up our cable and internet. If you’re keeping count, that’s just over 3 weeks since we moved that we’ll be without it. Awesome.

I have a grand master plan of uploading/organizing my vacation pics tonight and writing up recaps of all our adventures, as well as getting back to a regular blogging schedule. Oh, and Wedding Wednesday will be back this week! Now that we’re about 10 short months away from our big day the fervor to plan, plan, plan has hit in full force, and I need to start narrowing down the inspiration!

Marathon training has been kind of lackluster the last couple weeks. What with working 8 – 11 hours a day, moving, cleaning, packing for vacation, and trying to unpack moving boxes there wasn’t much free time for things like exercise, blogging, cooking, and sleeping. I swear, there hasn’t been a day in the last two weeks I didn’t eat out at least once – until today.

I did manage to get in a little exercise on vacation, but running at nearly 10,000 feet altitude is not easy. Just walking around was plenty for me most days, and we did get in a lot of walking.

My plan of attack for this week is to get back on track – eating right, running my scheduled miles, fitting in at least 2 days of strength training, getting enough sleep, and unpacking a few boxes.

Today’s running plan: hoping for 4 miles, but I’d be happy with 3.

Sorry to ramble on like that (and with no pictures!) but I just wanted to pop in with a quick update. Check back tomorrow for some vacation stuff and a run recap!

2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. dad

    I’m glad to hear that you will be getting back to Wedding Wednesdays cuz my sister want it. Your Aunts asked me why you haven’t been posting it. Thanks for getting them off my back. Love you.

    1. Melissa Post author

      Haha. Aunt Maggie told me I’ve been slacking on them, lol. Not having Internet makes it harder to post, though.

      Sent from my iPhone


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