I like to move it move it

Happy Thursday friends! Big news to share today: Matt and I have our official move date! We knew we were moving, but it all depended on when the current tenant left and vacations (both ours and our landlords). After a text last night we made arrangements to rent a truck (super cheap, I might add). I called shoe carnival today – I’ve heard shoe stores are THE place for boxes – and lucky me they had just gotten a truck this morning. So, after work I’m headed to pick up lots’o’boxes.

In other news, I woke up at 5:15 this morning and got in a 3 mile run. It was already about 80 degrees and super humid, and the sun hadn’t even risen yet.




A not speedy 3 miles in almost 35 minutes. It was like running through soup it was humid. And I was so drenched it sweat it looked like I had run through a sprinkler. Which I didn’t.

I’m hoping to post a yummy recipe tonight, so stay tuned!

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