No More Excuses

Disclaimer: This post is super random and was written during my lunch break at work yesterday. It’s pretty much stream-of-consciousness and is a little disconnected, but probably the most honest I’ve been in a while.

I’ve sat down several times in the past couple weeks and tried to write this post. I have had a major case of the blahs and feel like I’m having a quarter-life crisis. I don’t feel like I’m progressing in my teaching career, i just have some jobs. neither of which leaves me with extra income to spend without thinking twice about.

Blogging has taken a backseat to work, spending time with my visiting sister, and trying to get my eating and exercise back to where i want it to be. I’ve sort of felt like a marathon training failure. more runs have been skipped in the past few weeks than have been completed.

eating has been so-so. my big goal for this week is to keep out of my cubicle mates candy drawer. i found my hand in there way to often last week, and i feel a little ashamed about it.

Though, working all day has helped a bit with the binging/mindless boredom eating. i pack lots of healthy snacks for work and sort of eat all day as i get hungry, with a large salad or sandwich around noon. i feel like a crazy person eating constantly, but i haven’t really found myself at that "starving" point in the last few weeks. weekends have been tougher, especially since my mom was here 2 weekends ago and this past weekend found us out quite a bit. All that = too much eating out. i have been trying to make healthier choices, though, and never found myself at the point where i feel sick from overeating.

The past 2 Saturdays I’ve done long runs with the local run club, and i have also found myself with, um, tummy troubles during both runs. i don’t know if it’s something I’m eating (or not eating), waking up earlier than I’m used to (yet), or some other cause. but frankly, it sucks. i want to be able to run without being on the lookout for a bathroom. i want to be able to keep up with the rest of the group and finish strong and positive. I’m going to try cutting out dairy this Friday and see if that helps.

We have pretty much selected our wedding photographer! I’ve emailed and Skyped with Mandy from Love Above Photography and finally set up a real meeting while we’re home next month. i can’t wait to check this big thing off the list! oh, and I think we’ve decided on a church too! now that we’re less than a year from the big day i feel like I’m getting way behind on doing wedding stuff – but not anymore.

I have lots of blog ideas swimming around my head and writing down on paper, so I’m hoping to set aside some time this week and really get some writing done.

One more thing. I’m putting out the call for guest bloggers here on Running with Needles. I’ll be heading to beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado (be jealous) in a few weeks and even though I plan on posting while there, I’d love to have some guest posts lined up. If you’re interested send me an e-mail at

5 thoughts on “No More Excuses

  1. Ryan

    Breckenridge Brewery has a brewpub in (where else?) Breckenridge, CO. If you’re looking for somewhere to drink there, I’d recommend their beer (I know you’re not much into IPAs, but their 417 is pretty good. They also have an agave wheat beer that was good enough for one of my other homebrewing friends to take a stab at the style.).

  2. Kristen

    1. I’ve been having digestive issues, too, and have been trying hard to cut down on dairy. It hadn’t been easy, but it’s already helped!

    2. I can guest post. I don’t know what you would want it on. The trials of 26.2 training (which I know all too well…), overcoming a year of injuries, or my newfound savior for long runs that is books on tape.

    3. Hang in there. Training for a marathon is like, well, training for a marathon! There’s still time to save your training before October. I was in Europe the summer before my second marathon. I don’t do much training there… but I found ways to squeeze in a weekend run and I finished the damn race! You can and will train. You’ll find a groove.

    1. Melissa Post author

      I would love for you to guest post! You’re one of the few people I know in real life that done a marathon.

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