Desperately Seeking Motivation

This morning I received an e-mail from the Chicago Marathon. In the first line they mentioned that it was less than three months til marathon day. Eek!

chi marat days

The past two weeks I have not been following my training schedule well. Here’s a few reasons excuses why.

1. Crazy storms last Monday knocked out power for most of the town for 3 days (thankfully not us), but the gym was closed and there were downed lines and trees/tree parts all over the sidewalks and roads. This made it not safe for runners. It was crazy.

2. It’s been hot.Like, hot hot. Running when it’s 90 degrees and high humidity is no bueno.

3. I’ve been working more. Ok, this is a good thing for my wallet, but bad for workouts. In the summer I usually get my runs done fairly early in the day, while everyone else is at work and before it gets too hot. I need to get my internal clock adjusted, like, now.

4. I’ve been uninspired and unmotivated. I didn’t realize why this is until just a few days ago. (I’m going to share this in another post soon)

Anyways, i know these are all just excuses. I am charge of my own decisions and my own destiny. But I sometimes can’t help but wonder – how do "those people" do it? By those people, I mean the runners who follow their training plan to a T, get in all their miles, fit in strength training, stretching, eating well, and the important things like working and sleeping.

Some days, when I find myself eating like crap and skipping my workouts, I wonder if I was crazy for signing up for the marathon.

I’ve searched high and low for that "spark" and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. There’s the usual remedies: read other running/healthy living blogs, look at "before" pictures of myself to see where I used to be, signing up for smaller races, and even putting on my running clothes – just to sit around the house in them for an hour before it’s too dark/too hot/too late to run.

This morning I had a failed attempt at working out early in the morning. I set my alarm for 4:45 am so I could get up and run, yet still have time to get ready for work. Yeah, that didn’t go so well. When I heard my alarm go off, Matt asked if I was getting up. I looked outside – still dark. I took stock of myself – still sleepy. My answer? No. So, the alarm went off and I slept for 60 additional, wonderful minutes.

Before I left the house I went back to an old standby: bringing my gym bag with me to work. It’s supposed to rain this afternoon anyway, so I may be relegated to the treadmill.

Treadmill run part 1:


and part 2:


So, 3 miles total. Technically, that’s what is on the schedule for today. But I still feel pretty crappy that I skipped out on the 6 miles I was supposed to do Tuesday or Wednesday. Next will will be better, right?

Super tragic looking picture of me in the weight room.


I really am not a fan of this top – it’s cut weird and isn’t that flattering. Too bad it was on top of the pile this morning. Also, these running capris are from Walmart ($12!) and are pretty awesome. The material isn’t as thick as more expensive brands, but they’re just tight enough and are comfortable for longer distances when cotton capris just won’t do.

I ended up lifting for about 20 minutes after my run. Nothing super hard or anything, but more than I’ve done in a few weeks!

I think todays gym session has been the kick in the butt I’ve needed. Tomorrow I’ll definitely be bringing my gym bag with me in the morning so I can hit the gym after work again!

So, what do you do when motivation is nowhere to be found? Share it in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Motivation

  1. Jenn

    You may be feeling unmotivated, but your blog helps motivate me! About a month ago, I read your post about impulsively registering for a race – which caused me to impulsively register for my first two 5ks (the 2nd one is this week).

    Keep at it; one day at a time!

  2. Amy

    It’s always hard when you hit one of those slumps (or ‘schlumps’ as my Mum calls them) and you can’t remember why you were crazy enough to sign up for these things in the beginning. Just remember that it’s perfectly normal to be that way! Every single person no matter what their goal – running a marathon, writing a book, finishing a university degree – they all hit that time when the spark seems to fizzle out. The only thing to do is believe you can do it, just like everyone else around you believes that you can. Just put one foot in front of the other, and repeat. That’s the only way to run the road of life 🙂

  3. Lily Fluffbottom

    I always feel better when I go to the gym. I’m happier because of the endorphins, and I’m proud because even though I didn’t really want to go, I did anyway. The motivation I had to run my first 5k by August though, has faltered. I’m going to try anyway, but I can’t/don’t see how its going to happen. Can’t give up. Gotta keep plodding along.

    1. Melissa Post author

      You can do it! I like to post my running/training schedule on the fridge as a visual reminder. And just think of how proud and amazing you’ll feel after crossing the finish line!

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