Confession Thursday


That’s right folks. I’m stepping inside the little box and telling you all of the (healthy living) sins I’ve committed this past week.

I haven’t run since Saturday morning. Seriously. I feel bad about it, and plan to squeeze in a run tonight, tomorrow, and a 10k on Saturday. But, it’s still not cool. I can’t start these bad habits now, they will only lead to bad things later on in marathon training.

I haven’t been eating that well. Monday night a friend stayed with us because her power was out (more on that story later) and we had pizza, breadsticks, and beer. Last night Matt and I had pizza again, along with several sourdough pretzels, and an ice cream bar.

Not planning meals leads to eating crappy food that’s quick & easy. I really need to figure out a dozen or so “quick & easy” healthy dinners (that a man will love, too) for weeknights when we both work. Ideas?

I’ve only worked out once since Saturday, a combo of Jillian Michaels, abs, and some random arm exercises.

Well, I’m off to work, and I’m hoping to write a more thorough, “normal” post later on this evening. Have a great almostFriday!

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