Oh Yes It’s Friday Night


It’s Friday, yo!

And yes, I know that I am posting quite late. But I was a busy bee today and despite having Windows Live Writer open all morning, I never typed a single word.

Today I:

– washed and dried 2 loads of laundry

– put new sheets on (and made) the bed

– did some much needed grocery shopping

– updated my marathon training plan (only 106 more days til Chicago!)

– showered and dried/straightened my hair (yes, this is an accomplishment)

– worked a few hours at my new job

– picked up a few last-minute dinner items

– carbo loaded for my long run tomorrow

016 (3)

(Old picture, but basically the same meal)

I also had a bottle of Hofbrau beer that Matt so kindly picked up for me in 6-pack form. The last time I enjoyed this German deliciousness was in THE Hofbrauhaus in Munich.


Yes, I finished the whole thing.


It was a very fun trip.


Tomorrow morning I’m running the 10k portion of a local 10k/5k, plus running there and back to get in all 10 miles for the day. Yes, I may be crazy. I’m cool with that.

Here’s the Garmin shot from yesterday’s 5 mile run.


Ewww. Sweaty skeletor hands.

Right now the forecasted weather for tomorrow morning is low 60’s with a chance of rain. Perfect running weather if you ask me. I’ll take sprinkles over 90’s and high humidity any day.


Today’s lunch was a Hugh Jass salad. In a mixing bowl. Don’t judge.

In the bucket: lots of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, low-fat feta, crushed walnuts, and honey Dijon dressing. It was delish and kept me full for hours.

Later on at work I had an orange and a sourdough pretzel. (Stocked up on those today at the store. $.99 a box at Aldi, baby)

Now I’m enjoying a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream




And reading a few blogs before bed (this is my serious reading face)


Now it’s time for a little reading before my bedtime. I’ve got a lot of miles to cover tomorrow!

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