Wedding Wednesday, 14


Happy Wednesday! This weeks topic is…photographers.

If you’ve ever gotten married or had some other big event and needed to hire a photog, I’m sure you can understand my stress and confusion on this topic.

There are so many to choose from, especially in the Chicago area. Not good for my indecisiveness. Give me too many options and I tend to freak out and avoid the issue. Oh, and being 300 miles from our wedding location doesn’t help either.

I tend to gravitate towards the more photojournalistic/newspaper style rather than stiff posed pictures.

But, picking a photographer is more than looking at their online portfolio and making an appointment. Price is obviously a big factor, but within our set price bracket there are many other variables. One photographer or two? How many hours of coverage – 6, 8, 10, 12? How many locations would you like to shoot at? Does it include engagement/day after photos or not? And about a million others.

There’s also the question of quality. There’s a huge difference in getting a photo like this:

Matt Kuehl


Or this:

Awkward Family Photos (<— hilarious website, check it out)

Who wants to remember that moment? Funny, yes. But maybe the photographer should have known that whatever pose they were going for probably wouldn’t work.

Want a pretty snapshot of your wedding party?


I hope your photog doesn’t’ cut off their heads!

Awkward Family Photos

Those are some extremes, but in reading reviews on Wedding Bee, I have learned that horror stories do happen. I want to do my research and book a photographer that will let me relive the happiness of my wedding day for many years to come.

Needless to say, we have yet to book someone to capture our wedding day. I feel like the overwhelming options are pushing me to procrastinate on this issue. But, now that we’re under a year (!) we need to get back on the boat and narrow down the options.

What advice do you have when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer?


2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday, 14

  1. ilaxstudio

    I was worried about our photos, and had no idea what to do. My husband ended up talking online to a friend of his from high school and found out she does photos, so she did ours. They were the style you like. You should check them out – They come to Chicago!

    We had two photographers for the whole wedding. I love all the candids from the party!


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