Reality Check


So, it’s already the first full day of summer. Is it just me, or does it feel like we were just in the deepest part of winter? I didn’t too anything too exciting yesterday, just spent some time around the house, checked out a couple of audio books from the library, and went to the gym.

Audio books are my new love. My library has tons of them, all on CD, and they can then be downloaded into iTunes for later listening. Seeing as how I have dozens of knitting projects I’d like to complete this summer, yet still want to read new books, this is the marriage of two worlds. I can play the books on my computer or my iPod while I knit away. Multitasking at its finest.

Today’s workout wasn’t anything special. It was a cross-training day, since I ran Sunday, Monday, and will be running today, tomorrow, and Saturday. I did 30 minutes on the spin bike (my gym has two of these in the cardio room, how awesome) and a few sets of various types of crunches. Nothing too crazy, I just wanted to give my body a rest after Monday nights killer workout.

I also weighed myself on the gym scale before I left. I’m going to share what it said with all of you, to keep myself honest and accountable.


One hundred eighty seven pounds. That’s about 7 pounds higher than I was this time last year. To be honest, my effort and attitude about my weight loss the past 365 days has been, excuse my language, pretty half-assed. I did well for the first part of the summer, then cooler weather came and I started indulging too often in chips, candy, cookies, and other treats. Slowly, so slowly I didn’t realize it for a while, the weight started creeping back onto my body. I think a big part of why I didn’t notice the extra pounds was because I was wearing mostly sweats and gym clothes. Not working every day meant some days I stayed in my PJs til noon. Stretchy waistbands = no good for keeping weight in check.

Last nights dinner was pretty simple.


Tilapia filets


Roasted broccoli w/mozzarella, and roasted potatoes. Yum yum.



I also painted my nails yesterday. The color is “Indi-a Mood for Love” by OPI. It’s the perfect bright pink for summertime.


Be back later with some Wedding Wednesday!

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