Summer Break

Summertime has officially set in here, and with that comes my summer laziness. Living on a “school year” schedule for all my life has ingrained in me that June, July, and August are for fun and relaxing.

Today started off pretty lazily – staying in my PJs til past 10, drinking 2 large cups of coffee, watching the Today show into Hoda and Kathie Lee’s hour, and getting nothing crossed of my to-do list.


I really try to write out a list every day of what I’d like to get done. I’m one of those people who, if they don’t write something important down on paper, it will be forgotten quickly.

And yes, writing in fun colors is very necessary.


Around 11:30 I finally got changed into my running clothes, slathered on some SPF 50, and headed outside for a run.



Yeah, it was pretty warm out there. Not completely unbearable, but very little breeze so it just felt like running in an oven. Fun.

(Do you spot our fancy new coffeemaker in the background? Our old one died last week. It was a very sad morning.)


The only thing I could think about after that sweaty, sweaty run was making a cool and delicious smoothie. Seriously, it was one of the only thought on my mind the last .7 miles or so.


We’re all out of milk (I’m heading to the grocery store later today) so instead I used one of these protein shakes.


I also added in about 1/2 cup plain yogurt (the last of the container – my fridge is very empty!), 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen strawberries, and a tiny bit of frozen spinach (end of the bag). It was pretty tasty!



Just what I needed after that run!

Don’t worry, after sipping down that smoothie and a big glass of water, I de-sweatified in the shower.

Other plans for today: library (book sale!), grocery shopping to fill my sad refrigerator, and knitting. Don’t worry, I’ll try not to get too wild.

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