Run for Rehab Recap

Try saying that 10 times fast. I dare you.

Saturday May 7th I participated in the first Run for Rehab 5k at Governors State University in University Park, IL.

Yes, this seems totally random – but it’s actually hosted by my sisters physical therapy student organization. Go here to learn more about it and what it benefits.

The race start was 9am, which is pretty late for a race, but not that late when your train gets in an hour late the night before.

The morning started with some coffee, cantaloupe, and a bagel with peanut butter – my pre-run fuel of choice.

My sister, her boyfriend and myself were running that morning. My brother and his girlfriend had signed up, but she actually got hit by a car while riding her bike the day before, so things were derailed a bit for them. 

We got to campus about 30 minutes early and checked in, pinned on our numbers, and chilled out for a bit. The race started just a few minutes late and we all set out for a quick and easy 5k.

Kelly’s boyfriend was much speedier than us and broke off right away. She ended up running the whole thing with me and I was able to push her to her first sub-30:00 5k!

run 4 rehab 1run 4 rehab 2

Chatting with a running partner made the time fly by.

run 4 rehab 3run 4 rehab 4

Almost there!

run 5 7 11

Splits. Another great 5k, and it’s great to see that my short race times are speedy (for me) and consistent.

I actually don’t know when my next “official” 5k will be, but I’m hoping to shave off a few more seconds next time!

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