Words no Pictures

Because it’s 11:16 and I can’t create a better title. Sue me.

What a wonderful Saturday!

It started off with a lovely 4 mile run around my parents neighborhood. It was a bit chilly and overcast, but that’s my favorite kind of weather to run in. Smile I felt really good the whole way through and only took about 3 walk breaks – not too shabby.

I love, love, love running, and exercising in general, in the mornings. It’s such a great feeling to know that I’ve gotten my workout done for the day and I can get on with my life. Sadly, it’s not the case 9 months of the year because waking up to work out before school is tough. But (hopefully) for the next 3 months I can enjoy it.

I made a delicious breakfast today – 2 scrambled eggs (I’m really trying to up my protein), strawberries, and 1/2 an everything bagel. I love bagels, but eating a whole one is just too many calories for me at one meal. I’ll probably half the other half with tomorrow’s breakfast.

After I ate, it was time to clean up and get ready for a wedding shower. My cousin and his fiancée (who I just met today) are getting married in July and are in town this weekend to celebrate with family here in Illinois. It was at an Italian restaurant nearby and was a lovely location. I didn’t take any pictures because a) I didn’t want to seem creepy and b) my camera battery is almost dead. Sad smile

I think we spent the entire 1st hour just chatting and catching up with everyone. Talking is what my family is best at, haha. We sat down to a delicious lunch – salad, fresh warm Italian bread, chicken, pasta, and a mix of potatoes, peppers, and sausage. I had a little bit of everything and didn’t stuff myself. A little while later dessert was brought out – cake and ice cream – but I don’t think I ate the whole plate either, because the bride-to-be was opening gifts and I wanted to see the goods.

The rest of the family eventually headed to the store to get new cell phones, but I respectfully declined as I cannot afford a new iPhone right now and knew that I’d be waaay too tempted if I went into the store. Good job, Melissa. *Pat, pat* (Um, that was me patting myself on the back, if you couldn’t tell.)

I used that time to catch up on computer stuff (like blogs) and relax a bit in a quiet house. Doesn’t happen often around here.

Nothing else too exciting happened around here – just the usual shenanigans.

Tomorrow is a big one – a 60th birthday complete with surprise guests. It should be a blast. I promise I’ll try to take pictures.

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