If you found me through Mary Lynn’s “blog, sweat, and tears,” welcome! I’m always glad to get new readers!

Big surprise, my train to Chicago has been delayed (again), about 30 minutes this trip. I actually didn’t bring any knitting with me, as the project I’m working on is too large to travel with. I really need to start a scarf or a new pair of socks. Anyone interested?

I’ve been pretty spastic this trip – I’ve read a magazine, finished 2 blog posts (comin atcha this weekend!), ate dinner (tuna, crackers, carrots w/ranch, and grapes), readable boom (princess diaries), and listened to several podcasts.

Sidenote: I never used to listen to many podcasts, but they’re great when I’m knitting or blogging. Latest obsession? Stuff you missed in history class, which covers lots of interesting historical tidbits and legends, most of which you probably never learned in class.

I’m psyched to get home for many reasons, but I really do love spending time with my family. They’re pretty hilarious, and my siblings are all way cooler than me for sure.

I’m planning on getting in a 3 or 4 mile run tomorrow morning before heading to a wedding shower for my cousin and his fiancé.

Hope everyone is having a fantabulous memorial day weekend so far!

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