Sunny Saturday

Oh my goodness, is it beautiful here today. I hope it’s lovely where you are too!

Today started pretty early, but I guess all those weeks of having long runs and races have messed with my internal clock. Oh well. I climbed out of bed around 7:30, fed the cat, and then fed myself.


2 scrambled eggs, multi-grain English muffin, and a heaping bowl of strawberries and kiwi. I think it took me about an hour or so to finish off that fruit. And it was delicious.


I also had some iced coffee. You all know I usually go for the hot stuff, but I went cold this morning because a) it was pretty warm/humid in our apartment this morning (we eventually turned on the air), b) there was half a pot left from yesterday morning and  c) I didn’t really feel like making new coffee. Best. Idea. Ever.

I used to get iced coffee a lot from McDonalds back in college and forgot how much I love it. I also drank it way faster than hot coffee, and eventually finished the half pot of coffee throughout the morning. Oops.

Here’s what I looked like while enjoying my breakfast:


I managed to get my Illinois Half Marathon post finished and up on the blog – only 3 weeks after the race! I also have two more race recaps almost finished, and my Google reader is almost empty. There was also 2 baskets of laundry that got folded and put away, and my workout clothes got reorganized.


Shorts/capris on the left, long-sleeves, socks, sports bras in the middle, and tops on the right. It was pretty much a mixed up, unfolded pile before I sorted it today. Scary. It’ll be so much easier to pack my gym bag now.


There was also some snacking – wheat crackers and hummus (both from Aldi and both yummy).


Sterling kept an eye on the neighborhood birds while I folded laundry.


I also went out for a short run – I don’t want to add too much distance yet from last weeks half.

run 5 21 11

Post-run I ate some grapes and an EAS protein shake I picked up a few weeks ago with a coupon. I also had a banana in the car, a few Reese’s Minis (Matt picked them out – not as good as the real thing), and a few handfuls of Aldi brand Kashi GoLean cereal.

Matt & I also went out to Wal-mart for a few things and stopped for a car wash on the way home. Now he’s playing a video game before we go out to dinner/see his coworker’s band. We’re just so exciting, I can’t stand it Winking smile


See you later!

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