Goodbye 24, Hello 25


Happy birthday to me!


A lot has happened since my last birthday, and even more will happen before the next one, I’m sure.


I had my birthday cake in ice cream form this year : )


Let’s remember, shall we? In my 24th year, I

  • signed a lease for my first apartment
  • moved in with a boy
  • quit my teaching job
  • moved 300 miles from home
  • became an aunt
  • celebrated 60 years of marriage
  • got engaged
  • ran my first (and second, and third) half marathon
  • said goodbye to a great lady
  • set a wedding date
  • chopped off my hair (again)

All in all, it was pretty good. Definitely busier and more stressful than any other time I can remember, though.

Some things I hope to accomplish in my 25th year:

  • find a teaching job/other job I love
  • run a marathon
  • save for my wedding – debt is no fun!
  • blog more
  • read 25 books
  • find an apartment to make into a home
  • lose 25 pounds
  • complete my new years resolutions

I didn’t do anything special today to celebrate. I baked some cookies last night to bring to work for the kids (and grownups too) and sent the rest with Matt to work.  After work I had a pretty great workout – ran 2 miles, worked my upper body in the weight room. I’ll definitely be feeling it tomorrow. And, despite it being my birthday, I don’t feel like I’ve overindulged too badly.

Now I’m off to wash dishes (on my birthday, boo) and do my other, normal get-ready-for-work chores.


1 thought on “Goodbye 24, Hello 25

  1. dad

    hey kiddo, you may not know it, but you’re car insurance cost might have just cut in half(mine did in the last millenium). hope you do something this week to make your bday memorable. love you always daddy


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