Getting Psyched


So, I’m getting pretty psyched for the weekend. This is probably my craziest running adventure yet – a 5k Friday night and then a half marathon Saturday morning. It’s gonna be legendary.

The following exchange went down on Facebook this afternoon, c/o my brother, his girlfriend, my sister, and myself:

friday fb status

Yup, we’re awesome.

I’ve also become an amateur meteorologist, obsessively checking Saturday’s weather forecast.

weather 1

Weather Underground

weather 2


weather 3

I currently have 11 hours worth of music in my half-marathon and 5k playlist. And I’m only in the I’s in my iTunes library. I need to learn to edit.

It’s 9:31 pm and most of the things I’m bringing this weekend are thrown in a laundry basket. My suitcase is still empty. And why do I feel like I’m packing for a 10 day trip instead of a 2 day trip? Oh yeah, because all my running gear/necessities are enough luggage for another person. Oops.

11:00 – packing is (mostly) finished. All that’s left are the things I need tomorrow morning – toothbrush, flat iron, makeup. The important stuff, you know? I’ve also whittled down my playlist into a reasonable length of music. I made a list of the few last-minute things I need to grab before hitting the road tomorrow, and the bed is calling my name. I can’t believe I’m almost a 2 time half-marathoner!

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