Wedding Wednesday, Vol. 11

Matt reminded me the other day that we have 14 months until our own wedding. Those first several months of being engaged sure have flown by! I’ve e-mailed a few photographers and am hoping to schedule some meetings to coincide with trips into town this summer. I’m really itching to get this one checked off our list!

Today’s theme? Engagement photos! Matt and I have talked about this a little bit and it will be a good warm-up for the wedding day and its many, many pictures.

Weddings Unveiled

Um, how cute is this couple? And I love that she’s not wearing heels! Cute and comfy – just my style!

Wedding Bee

If Matt & I were to do something similar it would definitely revolve around the White Sox, but I love the idea of incorporating their love of baseball into their wedding.

Wedding Bee

This is the same couple as above, just a little more dressy and formal. I love both sets, though.

Wedding Bee

Another Wedding Bee shoot. I love that these are real girls with real budgets (and bodies!). Yet they are both amazing sets of photographs. I only hope that mine and Matt’s are this fantastic!

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