Mixing it Up



No, not that kind. Smile

For most of the last 10 weeks of half marathon training, I have been running Mondays, Wednesday, and Saturdays. When you add in work #1, work #2, running, sleep, and eating, that leaves little time for things like fun classes at the gym. When I lived back home there was one class a week that I almost never missed – turbo kick. If you’ve ever seen the Turbo Jam infomercials, it’s basically that, in class form. It’s kickboxing but with “signature” moves, awesome music, and high-energy instructors.

The gym I go to now has a Turbo Kick class, but because I usually run on Mondays, and because the class is at a later time, I haven’t gone in a long time. However, my 11 miles yesterday + icky weather + working later meant it was now more convenient for me. Yay!

It was way fun, even though I was one of four people in the class, including the instructor. I’m pretty confident in my kickboxing abilities, and enjoy punching and kicking it out for an hour. Winking smile

I came home super exhausted and sweaty. I was already pretty sore from running 11 miles the day before, but now my arms, abs, and back were sore too. Awesome.

Moral of the story: change things up every once in a while. You might be happy with the result.



Quote of the day: “I really don’t believe in fear. I believe in putting in the work”

Deena Kastor

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