Ten plus one equals eleven


I am a world-class procrastinator. Just ask my mother, she’ll tell you it’s true. This was put into play this Saturday, when I was supposed to run 10 miles. When I woke up it was drizzly, windy, and cold (only about 35 degrees). Sunday’s weather? Sunny and warm, with a high of 65. Um, yeah. I think I’ll put it off until tomorrow.

Turns out it was a genius idea. I woke up and had breakfast (scrambled eggs, English muffin & grapes, if you’re wondering) and caught up on the blogworld. I did a little more puttering around until about noon, when I finally got my running clothes on and headed out the door.


The gear that gets me through a long run – hydration belt, water bottle (1/2 Gatorade, 1/2 water), Clif shot bloks, (unpictured) Vanilla Bean Gu, Garmin, iPod & headphones. I also wore sunglasses because it was pretty sunny out.


Before over 2 hours of running. I look so clean and un-sweaty. Also, I love this shirt. It’s a Nike Dri-fit tee (from Shopko) and it’s super-duper comfy.

I actually had a pretty fantastic run. My legs felt a little tired and “off” the first mile or two, but that always happens when I’m trying to keep my pace slower. My goal was to hold between a 10:30 and 11:00 min/mile pace, which would put me at a predicted half finish time of about 2:25, or a PR by 3 minutes.

Here are all my split times:

run 4 17 2011

I ate a few shot bloks around mile 5 (after a pit stop) and my Gu around mile 8. Having a mix of water and Gatorade really made a difference, I think. I usually just drink plain old water on runs, but always take Gatorade in races. Why not bring the race to me?


After. I was pretty tired right here, and felt like I was covered in a layer of salt. Ew.


Yup, that really just happened. I’m pretty much in love with this thing –except the funky tan line I’m gonna have by the end of the year. It pretty much gives me all the information I need on a run and keeps me on track for success.

And this is what I did after the run:


Putting my legs up against this cabinet in my bathroom felt so good.




Post-shower I ate a big bowl of Fiber One cereal, milk, and strawberries. It was so delicious my computer ate my picture.

The rest of the day was spent hobbling around the house, stretching, and foam rolling. I’m still a bit stiff today, but I’m hoping that walking at work (and wearing gym shoes) will help.

We’re down to 11 days to the Illinois Half Marathon!!!!

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