Big Chicken

I’m alive! I was out of town again for the weekend and had a wonderful and relaxing time. I spent lots of time with my family and left feeling very refreshed. I brought running clothes with me but ended up not running. Sometimes sleep is more important. Smile

I did get out for a short run this evening. I was going to leave from the gym but when I got there after work the parking lot was super crowded so I headed home instead. I caught up on some blog reading and Facebooking for a while and didn’t leave for my run until 7:00. it was still pretty sunny out though – thanks DST!

It was a beautiful run – the flowering trees are blooming and getting leaves. Spring has finally arrived here!

I set out with a goal of at least 30 minutes/3 miles. I got a really bad side cramp at mile 2 and took a little walk break until it went away.

photo (4)

Here’s the splits from the Garmin:

Mile 1 10:20

Mile 2 10:58

Mile 3 10:28

Mile 0.1 1:05

Not too bad. My legs felt really fresh, since I haven’t run since Wednesday. I’ve still for a bit of a cold and congestion and I think that’s getting in my way as well. Overall, I was pretty happy with these 3 miles. I’m planning on doing about 5 on Wednesday and then 10 on Saturday. Let’s see if I can stick to my plan!

Tonight’s dinner was quick, easy, and delicious.


Vegetable stir-fry with chicken and brown rice. This whole dinner took about 10 minutes to make and left me plenty of leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch (and Wednesday’s too). Last week I cooked a few cups of rice that I’ve been throwing in my lunch salads. I heated up 3/4 cup in the bottom of the bowl, then topped it with a stir-fry mix I buy at Aldi. It’s a great mix of veggies and comes with a savory sauce to top it with. While the vegetables were cooking on the stove I grilled (on the George Foreman) a giant chicken breast – that thing was about 12 oz and gave me 3 servings for lunches. I ate 1/3 of it over the veggies and rice while catching up on more blogs – I didn’t bring my computer with me over the weekend  – and watching How I Met Your Mother. All in all, a pretty relaxing evening.

And because everyone loves pictures of Sterling, here’s one of him at about 6 months old. Why can’t they stay this cute forever?



Right now I’m working on a playlist for April 30th’s half marathon and want your input! Leave me your favorite running/motivating/pump you up song(s) in the comments!

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