Wedding Wednesday, Vol. 10


I can’t believe I’m on number 10 already! The numbers are gonna get pretty high before my wedding – maybe I’ll have to start a countdown or something. Smile

Today is all about shoes. Why shoes? What bride, or any girl, doesn’t like to talk about and look at pictures of pretty shoes? Not me!

Style Me Pretty

Ooh. Louboutins.

With This Ring

I love this one. The bridesmaids neutral shoe looks great next to the brides hot pink heels. It really makes everything pop.



Flats! Cute, comfy, and no kicking them off on the dance floor!


Inspired Bride

Yellow! It’s not going to be one of my wedding colors, but it looks so happy in wedding pictures.

Budget Savvy Bride

Ooh, love these. The color, the style, they’re just perfect.


Love My Dress

And we’ll end with something classic – with a little bling. Love.


So, go put on some pretty shoes and enjoy what is hopefully the last of the wintery weather!

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