Busy Bee


In case you missed it, I was Runner of the Week over at Run Court Run on Monday. Go check it out and tell me what you think!

I have been fighting off a cold the last few days, starting with the fever on Saturday afternoon and leaving me with no voice today. Lovely.

All the kids in my class thought it was hilarious (haha) and kept telling me to go to the hospital. There’s nothing I can do except drink lots of water, get rest, and go buy more cough drops, I guess.

I finally got out for a run with my new Garmin 305 today! It was sunny, warm(er), and my legs were definitely itching to get moving. I did work out yesterday, but I just did some easy cardio because I’m still not 100% myself yet.

This watch is so large I feel like it needs a name. Suggestions?


Anyhow, here’s today’s stats. I ran 2.36 miles in just under 24 minutes. And my average pace was 10:02 – about 30 seconds faster than most of my Nike+ runs. It also helped that my legs were nice and fresh.

My legs definitely could have handled more than 2.3 miles, but my cough and stuffy nose kept getting in the way. Boo.

After I got home I started on dinner. I. Was. Starving.

I whipped up this chicken recipe and paired it with some green beans. Yum.


I then ka-powed my to-do list by crossing off everything on it. Go me!

Tomorrow will be another busy one, but I kind of like being busier. Less time to loaf on the couch and waste time.


So, would you rather be busy like a bee or free as a bird?

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