Chocolate Freckles


Another Saturday has come and gone.


First up: breakfast



Today’s wake-up meal doubled as pre-run fuel. I had some cantaloupe and grapes, tea, and a toasted English muffin with a slather of peanut butter and some chocolate freckles. Yum. The tea tasted so good on this chilly morning that I went back for another mug.

I spent the morning catching up on internet business and flipping through magazines for interval workouts. I get super-duper bored with any type of cardio besides running or spin class so I need intervals to keep me moving.

Later than I planned, but with warmer weather than early today, I headed for a run. Todays route was a new one for me, and one I think I’ll be using more often. I drove a few minutes to a park that has a couple loops through it. It was really nice to run someplace new and without having to stop to cross streets!

I ran my planned 6.2 miles in 1:08, then walked the last 0.3 miles to my car. The weather was almost perfect today – a little bit windy, but sunny and warm. I started my run with a long-sleeve top over a tank top with capris, but about halfway through I was down to my tank top. I did forget to put on sunscreen so my nose is a little red, but I’ll (hopefully) remember next time!

Here’s the Nike+ recap:

run 3 19 11

Looks pretty steady to me! This is (probably) my last outdoor run with the Nike+ because…I ordered a Garmin 305! Because I’m cheap and didn’t want to fork over $18 for faster shipping, I did Amazon’s free super saver and will have to un-patiently wait a few days for it to arrive. It’s supposed to storm the next few days anyway, so I won’t be missing much. Winking smile

During the run I fueled up with these delicious snacks.

Oh man. These were so tasty and best of all: didn’t mess with my tummy! The only drawback is that there are 12 individual pieces (each covered in sugar) and my fingers got a little sticky after eating these. I think that would drive me nuts for 13 miles, so these probably won’t be making an appearance at my race.

I made a big mistake when leaving the house, though: I forgot my water bottle. And the water fountains in the park weren’t turned back on for the season yet. So, yeah, I ran the 6 miles without any water. Oops. I did grab an apple to eat afterwards, so I snacked on that while driving home. Then chugged a big glass of H2O when I got in.

Nothing else too exciting happened yesterday. I got several loads of laundry washed with a few more to go today. It’s also a rest day from the gym (yay!) but I’ll be doing lots of stretching and foam rolling. I’m feeling really tight from yesterdays run. I’ve got 4.5 miles on the calendar for tomorrow and its supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees. Heck yeah I’m getting outside!

Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful Sunday!

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