A Week’s Worth


It’s been so long since I sat down and wrote anything. Frankly, I haven’t really felt like blogging much the past few days. I’ve been working a lot, exercising a lot, and reading a lot. Which is good.

Let me recap the last few days, shall I?

Thursday was pretty busy, with work, a quick job interview (details to come), gym for a quick 3 miles, Weight watchers, and band rehearsal. I lost 4.2 lbs. this last week, which I was really happy to see. Don’t ask me how or what I did differently because I couldn’t say. hopefully it’ll head the same direction next Thursday. The meeting topic wasn’t anything too exciting – we talked about how to spice up things in the kitchen. Many people (myself included) fall into food ruts when we’re trying to lose weight because it’s easy, comfortable, and we know how many points/calories something is. Unfortunately, all the other members wanted to talk about was new chicken recipes. Bo-ring. Band rehearsal was good though. Our concert is this coming Sunday and, as much as I love playing in an ensemble, it’ll be nice to have my Thursday nights back to blog and stuff.

Friday night I headed straight to the gym after work for some cross-training and strength. I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes, then the bike for 10 to kind of stretch out my legs. Matt and I had plans to meet a group of people at a new restaurant downtown for dinner at 6:30, so I came home and quickly showered and dressed. ONE, a Thai-tapas-BBQ-American-fusion restaurant was having its opening weekend and was doing quite well already. Sadly, they didn’t have their full menus and we were limited to about 12 dishes – all of which sounded delicious. I went with a Thai steak chopped salad that arrived looking delicious. The ginger soy dressing i got on the side made the salad and I would definitely get it again. The prices were also really awesome – my salad was only $8, other entrees ranged from $8 – $14 or so. I’m sure I’ll be going back there soon, and I promise to get pictures next time.

Saturday started off with a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, an English muffin, and some grapes. Then I watched a few episodes of “Phineas & Ferb”, caught up on blogs, and changed into my running clothes. I had 7 miles on the schedule and that’s what I did. After the first couple of miles I settled into a pretty steady 5 minute run/1 minute walk routine. This helped keep me from tiring out and I felt pretty strong by the time I was done. I brought water with me on this run and had a sip just about every walk break. I didn’t eat anything, but didn’t really get hungry either. I could feel my energy slipping a bit around mile 5.5 but this may have been due to the cold more than anything else.


run 3 5 11

7 miles – check!


Sunday was pretty lazy. I slept in, then read a few hundred pages of Curtis Sittenfeld’s American Wife. It’s one of those books that once you start it you don’t want to put it down. It’s also 555 pages long, so it makes finishing it a drawn-out process. I also did 4 loads of laundry, most of which is already folded and put away. Lunch was homemade burgers and sweet potato fries (yum) and dinner was corned beef for Matt, chicken breast for me, with sides of boiled red potatoes and parsnips.

Monday: Had a pretty easy day at work, was supposed to come home and run 4 miles but instead got sucked into finishing American Wife. After Matt got home from covering a meeting we met some friends for a few drinks at a local bar.

Whew. I’m really trying to be better about putting myself on a schedule with work/gym/life but its been a little tough. One of my goals this week is to pre-write some posts (as well as be better about daily recaps) and to try to write out a schedule of to-dos. Wish me luck!

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