Wedding Wednesday, Vol. 7


On February 12th  Matt and I made a huge step in planning our wedding – we set a date and booked our reception hall!

We will be celebrating with our families at Chicago Gaelic Park, which was my first choice venue.  (All photos courtesy of Gaelic Park)

This is the private entrance to our hall from the parking lot. This is actually inside one set of double doors, then up the steps and through another set.


A view from the dance floor. The wall with the windows is where the head table will be, there’s a bar along the left wall, and outside is our own (huge) private patio.



This is another bar, the larger of the two. I really love the high-top tables that are set up here.


Also, check out the beautiful tile work on the floor.


A peek at the bridal suite. Comfy couches, vanity, mirror, and a private bathroom. Sweet!



Here’s the stage where the DJ will be set up on. The projector screens are built in and will obviously not be down for the reception.



Here’s another shot with tables set up for an event. The room is actually pretty large and will hold lots of guests.


Head table setup. To the left is another (smaller) bar. There is also a huge outdoor patio that is currently being remodeled to include a cobblestone walkway, waterfall/pond, and lots of trees, flowers, and shrubs.



This is another view of the room from the smaller bar. It kind of gives a good idea of the grand scheme of things.


So, what do you think? Matt and I are so excited to start planning our big day here!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday, Vol. 7

  1. Cait

    wow thats a fabulous place 🙂 congrats that its your first choice too! how exciting for you both! i’m hoping to have a wedding in the chicago area too! not sure yet which where but i’ll be happy to look at your wonderful venue/wedding unfold! so glad i came across it! xo


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