How Many Candles?


Happy Birthday to my baby brother who turned 20 yesterday! Birthday cake

(I don’t care how old you get, Jared, you’ll always be my baby brother.)

And happy birthday to the twins who are celebrating their 23rd today! Party smileYeah, my 3 siblings celebrate their birthdays one day after the other.

Fun fact: the twins were almost born on February 29th. How cool would that have been?


This picture is from Christmas morning, 2010. Clockwise from cat: Smokey, Matt (fiancé), Me, Jared, Kelly and Ryan (the twins).

And can you guess who’s birthday is the day after all my siblings?

If you guessed the fiancé, then you’re right!

Of the 5 people on this picture, I am the only one who isn’t celebrating a birthday this week. Sad smile I didn’t come into this world until May of 1986. Though when I was little, my grandma used to get me a little present to open at their party so I didn’t feel left out. Bonus?

This is the first year I won’t be celebrating with any of my siblings, and it feels a little strange. I’m sure when I visit next there will be plenty of celebrating.

And can you believe it’s already March 1st?

Those 28 days sure went by quickly. Yet, a lot happened. I registered for a big race, I started training for another one and Matt & I set our wedding date and booked our hall (though it still doesn’t feel real).

On the fitness/weight loss front, however, I feel like a failure. I think it’s all this yucky winter weather really getting under my skin, but I’ve been feeling really down and icky this month.

Before we start another (hopefully better) month, I must first check back on my February goals. Even though I don’t want to.

1. Work out at least 20 days. There are 28 days in February, or 4 weeks, so that’s an average of 5 days a week at the gym.

Well, I worked out 12 days this month. Less than half. Ugh. With the snow days, being out of town for a weekend, and being sick this weekend, I lost a lot of days. All I can do is work out more next month.

2. Get the scale to go down.

Fail. In fact, I’m up a couple pounds since the beginning of the month. All the cold weather made me want to put on hibernation weight, I think. There were too many slices of bread and bags of chips to count. I’m not proud of it, but the last 2 weeks have been really good, food-wise. I’m feeling less bloated and my pants are starting to fit better.

3. Read more and craft more. This is one of my new years resolutions as well, but I still find myself in front of the computer for longer than I’d like each day. That needs to change.

I definitely read a lot more this month. I finished 3 books and have started 2 more. I haven’t really done too much knitting/sewing, but I am making great progress on a project that should have been already finished.


Like I said, February feels like a sort of fail, like I was defeated and let myself down. The upcoming weather forecast is putting a spring in my step, however, and there are only warmer days yet to come. (Though I know I’ll be complaining of the heat come July and August!)

For March, I’m going to continue my goals from last month. Exercise 20 times, see negative numbers on the scale, and read/craft/unplug more.

The weather forecast for today is sunny, 0% chance of rain, and a high of 52 degrees. I will definitely be coming home after work for a nice, sunny outdoor run!


Did you do anything big last month – or have anything exciting coming up this month?

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