Happy POTUS Day!


POTUS = President of the United States. Now you know.

I didn’t work today (Presidents Day!) but I didn’t really get anything else done either. I mostly sat on the couch blog-reading/twittering/reading until about 4, when I finally changed into my running clothes and headed to the gym.

I did a quick & easy 3.5 miles on the treadmill, though I did take a few walk breaks.


run 2 21 11

I don’t know why there is such a big dip in this. Except for the 1 minute walk breaks I took every mile or so, I ran at a 5.8 speed. Hmm. The treadmills at my gym have 30 minute limits, so I ran 2 miles, refilled my water bottle, and started the last 1.5 miles.

After that I went into the weight room to work on my chest, shoulders, and triceps. This was the first time since (I think) 2010 that I’ve actually lifted weights. And I will definitely be feeling it tomorrow.

I also did Jillian Michaels’ Six Week Six Pack yesterday (level 1), and plan on doing it again tomorrow after my run. I’m hoping to do that DVD 3 times a week for the next six weeks and see what results I get. I took my measurements yesterday for the first time in a long time, and checked my body fat and weight at the gym tonight. Oddly, my gym only has one scale, and it’s in the middle of the cardio/weight machine room. So I usually don’t take off my shoes when I weight, but its better than nothing. I’m hoping to check body fat and measurements every few weeks, and will probably keep you posted on my progress.

A couple weeks ago the topic in my weight watchers meeting was about real vs. emotional hunger. I have a post all typed up about it, but haven’t polished it off to my liking and plan to do it sometime this week. Anywho, that really struck a chord with me, and this week, since Wednesday’s grocery trip, I’ve been eating very cleanly, tracking everything, and really holding myself accountable. And I feel a heck of a lot better too.

The true test is Thursday on the scale, and I’m hoping for a loss. I’ve been feeling so stuck lately with my progress.

Now, onto dinner!

This one was pretty easy/lazy/last minute – yet tasty.

(Please excuse the iPhone photos – I was too lazy to grab my camera)

photo (1)

Mixed green salad with low-fat feta and honey dijon dressing.


photo (2)

Mashed potatoes (instant), roasted eggplant, and chicken parmesan.

This chicken looked pretty fancy but was super duper easy.

I coated the chicken in breadcrumbs (I only had plain, but mixed in some seasoning), then baked it for 25 minutes while I showered. When I got out I popped the eggplant in, then roasted about 8 minutes or so. I took out the chicken, topped it with sauce + 2% mozzarella cheese, then turned on the broiler. Chicken went back under the broiler until the cheese was melty and golden brown (that should just take a few minutes). Yum.

Matt and I ate dinner at the coffee table while we watched tonights “How I Met Your Mother” and recapped the day.

Now it’s off to bed to read some more! And, you know, probably get some sleep.



1 thought on “Happy POTUS Day!

  1. Lindsay

    Sounds like you had a good day! I plan to sleep in tuesday. I was up WAY TOO early on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday! I do not have school on tuesdays, so I usually hit the gym in the afternoon as well. I hope you have a good tuesday as it sounds like your week is off to a good start! 🙂


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