Down By The River



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I totally kicked this runs butt. It started off pretty well, then about halfway through I talked myself into doing just 5 miles. But when I crossed the busy street into my part of town I was at about 4.98, it was half a mile home, so I just threw in a little bit extra to get to 6.2. And I’m really, really glad I did.

This run was such a boost. I’ve been feeling like such a slacker lately when it comes to working out and losing weight. I gained 2.8 this week (which I’m attributing to only 2 days of exercise and eating things I normally don’t over the weekend) and the half training isn’t off to the greatest start.

But I think I’m now over the hump and back to being 5-workouts-a-week girl.


Oh yeah, this was my scenery for about 2 miles of my run today. That’s the Mississippi river, in case you were wondering. I kind of made a quick decision to run (down) and huge hill and run a while along the river. There’s a not too highly trafficked road that runs along it that conveniently has a bike path on the shoulder. I turned around just before a sharp turn that looked like low visibility.

I took these pictures right after I hit the 5k mark on the Nike Plus.


Then I came home, showered (I was stinky Confused smile) chugged a couple glasses of water, and ate a popsicle. Does anyone else not have an appetite right after a long(er) run?

Then I did this.

My hamstrings, quads, and calves hurt so good when I was rolling them. I also did my back and heard lots of popping and crackling. Gross.

I have this blue roller from Wal-Mart that my sister gave me for Christmas. I love it. It’s pretty firm, so you know that things are getting a good massage. It’s shorter and will (hopefully) fit into a suitcase if (when?) I travel for a race.

All I know is, me and Blue are gonna be real close friends.

My monster hunger kicked in about an hour or so after my run. I made some kale chips, then a cheese quesadilla about 30 minutes later, then around 8 I made some pasta with broccoli, a can of tuna (5 oz.), 1/2 cup pasta sauce, and a little mozzarella sprinkled on top. Yeah, about 15 minutes after I finished my big bowl of pasta my stomach was growling again. So I made some popcorn and practically inhaled it. Welcome back, long run hunger. I’m gonna need to stock up on bread for you.

Also, I started Water for Elephants tonight. I only read one chapter before I started blogging (again) and now it’s 1:22 am and I don’t know why I’m still awake. Perhaps it was the half pot of coffee I drank this morning?

I’m sure I’ll be sleeping in a bit tomorrow morning unless this face wakes me up at 6:30.

049 - Copy

In which case, I’ll need another pot of coffee.


2 thoughts on “Down By The River

  1. Jillian

    I have yet to try the foam rollers but I’m curious whether you think they really work. As my running mileage increases, I’m sure I’m going to want to work on my muscles.

    Oh and way to go on the 6 mile mileage!! You’re a rock star!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Thanks! I love my foam roller – it’s like a deep tissue massage but way cheaper. It also helps decrease my soreness the day after a long run/tough workout.


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