Favorite Things Friday

Or Saturday. It’s been a busy week.

I started working on this post last night if that counts for anything. Then I went out for drinks for a friends birthday, came home and read on the couch until I fell asleep.

Let’s start with a pop of sunshine!


I got this a couple weeks ago from Old Navy and I’m absolutely loving it. I pretty much always stay away from yellow – I don’t feel like it’s a good color for me – but this one just called to me from the clearance rack.



run 2 17 11

I ran these 3 miles outside on Thursday afternoon in sunny, 68 degree weather. Spring, please hurry, mmmk?


I finished two books this week. Crazy, right?


               Source                                                       Source

I finished the Murakami on the train Monday and I would recommend this to anyone that’s a runner. It was a great read about his life through running.

I finished Shanghai Girls last night on the couch and it’s the first fiction novel I’ve completed in a long time. It was really good, and the ending made me want more. Luckily, a sequel is being released in May.


Being busy! I worked 4 days this week, along something nearly every night. It’s pretty nice to have a life. It also makes me tired, and I’ve been a blog slacker this week. I’m planning on getting some stuff written this weekend to go up next week. Pinky swear.



Seeing this makes me smile! We have a date and a hall so the wedding day vision can finally start becoming a reality.

So, what’s on your favorites list this week?

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