I’m Like Dorothy


Except it takes more than three clicks of my heels to get home. Maybe I’m working with the wrong shoes.

Matt and I are back in Quincy after a busy weekend that began with some crazy travel rearrangements and I have a lot to share.

Saturday morning we got up after way too little sleep to get ready for a 10am appointment at a possible reception venue. Both moms came with us to check out the place. We had another appointment at noon, Matt and I went by ourselves because the moms had stuff to do.

We did pick a reception venue, it was one of the two we saw Saturday, but I’ll be posting about it later this week. So what does this mean? Matt and I have a wedding date! That’s what we had hoped to accomplish this weekend, and we did.

Saturday night Matt’s sister, brother, sister-in-law and their baby came over for dinner and chatting. It was good to see everyone, and I am always amazed at how fast those babies grow! It’s only been a month since I saw him, but from 9 to 10 months he seems to have gotten so much bigger!

Sunday I went to a bridal expo with my mom and sister/maid of honor. It was a little overwhelming and not quite what I was expecting. There were a lot of photographers and djs to talk to, as well as a few bakeries and other vendors. There was also a fashion show, but most of it was very couture, designer-y stuff that just isn’t my style.

We left right after the show, then headed to the city to pick up my baby brother from college. The lucky duck doesn’t have class til 2:00 on Mondays so he brought home a few loads of laundry for mom to do. I don’t get to see him every time I visit since he’s usually busy with school work on the weekends – he’s in the 2nd year of a tough architecture program. It was also nice to hang out with my sis too – she’s in grad school for physical therapy and is usually studying her butt off or hanging out with her boyfriend on the weekends.

Sunday night was spent with my family. We played some board games while dinner was in the oven. Yahtzee pre-dinner and Life after. I was going to take some pictures but I left my camera at Matt’s parents house (that’s where we were staying). It was a pretty fun game, and both my parents ended up landing on twins + 2 other kids, just like in real life.

This morning we were up bright and early to catch the train back home. We stopped and McDonalds on the way for some breakfast. I got a coffee and the new fruit and maple oatmeal. A few weeks ago I got a coupon to try it for free and was holding onto it for my next train  trip.

It was actually pretty good. For the toppings, there were chopped up apple pieces as well as raisins and dried cranberries, brown sugar, and light cream. Next time I’d probably get it sans cream – I never make my oatmeal at home with milk – but otherwise it was tasty. Definitely a great meal on the go.

Matt and I don’t really do anything special for Valentine’s day – we never have. In high school we both worked in restaurants so of course we worked that day and in college we usually weren’t together, so it never has been an important holiday to us. He had meetings to cover for work this evening anyway, so I snuggled on the couch with this valentine:

DSCN1638 - Copy

Good times.

Oh, I also have some fun summer vacation news I’ll be sharing soon as well! Lots of stuff going on in the runwithneedles mini-apartment this month, so stay tuned!

How did you celebrate valentine’s day?

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