Let it Begin!


Yesterday was my first day of half marathon training, and it was a tough 3 miles.

I had to call our landlords Monday morning to have something fixed, so I was waiting for him most of the day. After the problem was fixed, I procrastinated for many hours and finally left the house around 6. I went to Old Navy for their 30% sale and got a couple cute new tops. I have to say, though, does anyone else think their quality/cuteness has seriously diminished over the years? ON used to be my go-to store for just about everything, but lately I leave more and more on the “discard” rack in the dressing room. I do still love their basic tanks, though. I got 2 new colors yesterday.

After that semi-successful shopping trip I finally made it to the gym to run my 3 miles. I don’t know if it was the lateness of my run, my mood, or the crap I’d put in my body over the weekend, but this was the toughest run in a long time. I had to take several walk breaks and I had a nagging side stitch most of the way through.

run 2 7 11

Overall, the time wasn’t too bad. I think all the speed work I’ve been doing is paying off. I started the run at my usual 5.7 mph and it felt so slow. I ended up running most of this at 6.0, which just a few months ago felt so fast! Today’s run is speed work, so we’ll see what these legs can do.

Dinner was pretty un-exciting to photograph. Plus, my camera battery was dead. I had a bowl of honey nut cheerios with milk, and a strawberry-spinach smoothie. I was out of bananas, so the smoothie wasn’t quite as good as usual.

This morning was back to oatmeal. Apples, peanut butter, a sprinkle of walnuts and a few chocolate chips went into this bowl. Along with a cup of chai tea. Yum.



Now I’m off to do some subbing, then hitting the gym. I seriously cannot wait until it’s nice enough to run outside. Treadmill running is the worst kind of cabin fever. The cold is getting pretty annoying too!


What can’t you wait to do when the weather gets nicer? For me, it’s being outside without shivering!

3 thoughts on “Let it Begin!

  1. keepingupwithkate

    When the weather’s nice I can take the dogs to the dog park more often. Poor babies. They don’t get to go the park much in this weather. Today was only 13 degrees! Go away Winter! 🙂

    When’s your half marathon? Exciting! (And scary?)

  2. kilax

    Yay for the first run of training, and a speedy one nonetheless!

    I cannot wait until it is lighter outside and I can go to the forest preserves after I get off work 🙂


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