The Big Game


Whew! I feel like it’s been forever since I blogged here. Friday night WordPress somehow goofed and deactivated my blog. I quickly emailed them and the problem was fixed by Saturday afternoon. Those were a scary few hours, let me tell you!

Friday was pretty boring. I didn’t workout, mostly because I really didn’t want to wash/dry/straighten my hair. Yeah, I’m a little vain and lazy. Whatever. Winking smileI had a performance of Cinderella that night, so I did get out of the house for a while.

Saturday was another lazy day. I had the beginnings of a cold and felt super congested so I skipped another workout day. Matt & I did a little bit of cleaning for Sunday, and I had another Cinderella show. After the show I had a major craving so I stopped at Dairy Queen for a Heath bar blizzard. So delicious and totally worth the 25 P+ it cost me.

Yesterday started off nice and realized. I had breakfast, drank a few ups of coffee, and read the paper/sales ads. It was also the last show of Cinderella at 2:00, and I had to be at the theater by 1:30. I left Matt to do the last of the cleaning and to make the wings.

We had just a few friends over, which was fine because our apartment is tiny!



Sterling claimed his spot early on.


I got about an inch knitted on this sock cuff during the game.


Watching the pre-game show.


Aforementioned wings. I later realized I failed to get an actual picture of them. Oh well. They were good.


The spread: hot wings, spinach artichoke dip and blue tortilla chips, beer (there was plenty more in the fridge) and bacon wrapped pretzels with cheese. Yeah, you read that right. They were a little burnt, but still pretty good.

At halftime we also cooked some (frozen, store-bought) mini potato skins, of which I ate about 5 or 6. I don’t remember.

I ate probably half a dozen wings, lots of dip, 2 pretzels, and 1 1/2 beers. Coor’s Light is not my favorite, and I really don’t drink much anyways. There was also some chips and salsa consumed before the guests arrived – I was starving after the 2 hour show!


I don’t know when in the game I took this. But clearly, it’s riveting.


Obviously, we must stay up-to-date with tweets and texts.


Packers win! Confetti!


Giving the “We’re #1” sign whilst texting someone that they one, even though the recipient of the text was most likely watching the game as well. Boys.


Mary gives the game 2 thumbs up. Or maybe it for was the beer. I’m not sure. Let’s go with both. Smile


Blake and girlfriend Brenna. Clearly, I have awesome photography skills.


(Recycled photo) This mornings breakfast, minus the pineapple. (6 p+)


Lunch: salad with 1/3 yellow pepper, reduced-fat feta cheese, raisins, and honey Dijon dressing (3 p+). My insides rejoiced when I fed it this.


Grilled chicken breast with pesto on top (4 p+). Yum.


Midday snack #1 was and apple and peanut butter(3 p+).

Snack #2 was some wheat thins and a Laughing Cow wedge (4 p+).

Clearly I am a hunger monster today. Dinner will be pretty light – I’m thinking veggie and tofu stir-fry.

Now I’m off to shop – Old Navy has 30% off all adult clothes today in stores and online. And I could use a new piece or two to brighten up my spirits (and closet)!

How did you celebrate Superbowl Sunday?

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