Snow Day No More


Except it still is a snow day. The fourth one this week, actually. So, I’ve had a pretty lazy week.

Favorite things Friday: Blizzard Edition

5.  Shovels (and the men who operate them)



4.  DVR


It usually takes me a couple days to watch what I’ve recorded, but with 4 snow days this week I’m all caught up!


3.  Snow boots


I’ve been rocking these like they’re Jimmy Choos.


2.  Backhoes & dump trucks

Yeah, this is our downtown looked like in the aftermath.


1.  Workouts on DVD

 003 (4)


I did 3 circuits (lower body) from NMTZ and level 1 of 6 week 6 pack on Wednesday, and my legs are still totally sore. Its crazy.


I hope you all have dug yourself out of the snow, if you got some, and are ready to enjoy a nice long weekend!

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