February Goals


Yes, it’s February. And it’s come in pretty dramatically.


These were taken from my front window this morning. Surprisingly, our street was pretty well plowed.


If you haven’t heard, the Midwest was hit with record-breaking snowfall. We got about 18 inches here and pretty much everything is shut down. The county even pulled the plows off the roads last night, it was so bad.


Yeah, those are my knees. And this wasn’t even the deepest part of the snow around our building. With plowing/shoveling/drifting, there were piles as tall as me.


Being home for two days has been a challenge. It’s a snow day for the schools, obviously, and will be again tomorrow. I don’t know that we’re getting more snow, but it’ll take time to dig everything out.

But with a new month come some new goals, right? Here they are for February:

1. Work out at least 20 days. There are 28 days in February, or 4 weeks, so that’s an average of 5 days a week at the gym.

2. Get the scale to go down.

3. Read more and craft more. This is one of my new years resolutions as well, but I still find myself in front of the computer for longer than I’d like each day. That needs to change.

Three goals, which I think are pretty simple and easy to keep track of. So, here we go!

Have you set any goals for the month? What are they?

1 thought on “February Goals

  1. Beth

    I can’t believe how much snow I’m seeing all over the blogworld. I am so jealous! They keep teasing us in DC to say we’re going to get some and when push comes to shove – nothing.


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