1 down, 11 to go!


Months, that is.

That means it time to check in on my January goals to see how I did.

– continue the job search, by sending out resumes and cover letters to the several local music stores/schools, checking the newspaper classifieds every day, checking online job search websites. I plan to spend about 5 hours a week searching, about 1 hour each weekday

How I did: I’ve applied to several jobs via online applications, have completed assessments for 2 temp agencies, and have mailed out 2 resumes. I haven’t yet heard anything back, but I’m hopeful for something to come through. In the meantime, I’ve continued subbing.


– finalize my half marathon training schedule for the Illinois (Half) Marathon on April 30th. I plan on using a hybrid of Hal Higdon’s novice and intermediate plans. I used the novice to train for my first half last June, but I’d like to incorporate more speed training into my life.

Go here to check it out. I combined Hal Higdon’s novice and intermediate training plans. I followed the novice plan last summer when training for my first half, and I really liked it. This time I’m incorporating speed work, which is part of the intermediate plan. Training officially starts next week, which means I’m only 13 weeks out from the race!



– eat mindfully. I let myself go a little nuts last month with all the holiday treats readily available, though I did lose 2 lbs. over Christmas. I really want to get back to eating when I’m hungry and to fuel my body, not because I’m bored/tired/lonely/etc..

Hard to say. I think I did a pretty good job of only eating when I was hungry. There were a few times that I found myself eating something because there was nothing else to do. There were more times that I was reaching for food and made myself think about why I wanted to eat. Sometimes I put the food back, and sometimes I was actually hungry and ate.

Overall, January was a pretty good month. I ran 31 miles, mostly on the treadmill. Next month I’ll be ramping up the miles once I start the training plan. Hopefully that means the weight will start falling off me again as well.

February should be a pretty exciting month. Matt & I will (hopefully) be setting a wedding date and booking a hall. There’s also a few other things that I hope will come to fruition as well. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing them with you all!

And because I hate to post without a picture:

028 - Copy (6)

With his favorite mouse/pillow.

4 thoughts on “1 down, 11 to go!

  1. kilax

    Oh my gosh! Your cat looks so similar to ours, Data. Here he is – http://www.ilaxstudio.com/blog/2010/12/01/licky-mccaterson/. What is your cat’s name? He is so cute!

    Your half plan looks really great! Did you say (I think on Running Around Normal’s blog) that you are running with your brother as well? Is he following this plan?

    I am also training for this race and the 5K the night before. So excited!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Our cats name is Sterling – and he does look just like Data!
      I am doing the I-Challenge, 5k & half, in Champaign with my brother, though I don’t know what training plan he’s following, if any. I think there definitely needs to be a blogger meetup that weekend, though!


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