Best day of the Week


Friday favorites!

Here are some things I’ve been loving this week, in no special order:



When the weather is cold I like to start my morning with a cup (or three) of hot, black coffee goodness. Oh heck, it doesn’t matter what the weather is. Give me coffee!


Herb mix salad – this ones got fresh dill, cilantro, and parsley mixed in with the fancy lettuce. yum.



cardigan sweaters – like this one from Old Navy. Maybe it’s the weather, but I’ve been practically living in mine. (Don’t worry, I own several.)


The treadmill. As much as I say I hate it, I’m glad it gives me an option to run indoors when the weather outside is crap and you need snowshoes to get around.


and lastly for this week:

Sara Bareilles and her newest album


If you haven’t listened to this, go now. It’s a great mix of upbeat and slower songs, melancholy and upbeat. This has been playing the last few days while I got ready for the day.

3 thoughts on “Best day of the Week

  1. ashley

    my husband constantly makes fun of my cardigan obsession and says i’m like an old lady… he doesn’t seem to understand when i explain that my cardigan are youthful and stylish!

  2. Jillian

    I absolutely love cardigans. I own soooo many and could literally go weeks wearing a different one everyday.

    I miss my Spring ones…haha I’ll be wearing them before I know it. 🙂


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