Bringing it Back


The recaps of my Weight Watchers meeting, that is. I’ve been remiss in talking about them lately, mostly because last week was my first meeting in three weeks.

This weeks topic was activity. Open-mouthed smile


Benefits of activity

  • boost results
  • critical for weight loss maintenance
  • improves health, energy, sleep, mental focus
  • encourages better food choices. (Seriously, have you ever had a kick-ass workout and then wanted to eat a pint of ice cream? I sure haven’t.)
  • allows you to eat more and still lose

Challenge: finding an activity you like and can stick with!


For me, that activity (obviously) is running. I love it, I love pushing myself and finding new limits to break through. I love running races and training for races. <— Wait, who is this girl?

Some people love cycling, walking, Zumba, whatever. But as long as you’re off the couch, moving, and burning some calories – do it!

Here are the things I like to do to keep me moving:

  • set a goal
  • find a workout buddy
  • put it in your planner
  • sign up for a class

Weight Watchers awards Activity Points (APs) for working out. They base the calculation off of your current weight + time spent + intensity level. I have to be honest and say that I don’t do that. I wear a Polar F6 heart rate monitor, and use the (old) calculation that 100 cals = 1 AP.


Sadly, I gained 0.8 this week. Blah. This isn’t the best time of month, if you know what I mean.  But I’m pretty sure the pizza I ate Sunday also had something to do with it.

Something to think about: we all have bad weeks. It happens. But learning from them, instead of dwelling on the bad, is how we grow and move on. So, onward and upward I go.

What I accomplished this week:

– I tracked every day. It wasn’t always pretty, and it wasn’t always perfect, but I tracked.

– I created a Facebook page for the blog – go check it out!

– I ran 9 miles this week – three 3-mile runs. That’s the most mileage I’ve done in a long (too long) time!

run 1 27 11


What I’d like to work on for next week:

– strength train at least 2 times

– be careful on the weekend – they are not an excuse to eat anything/everything

– plan my days out better


On another note: my center is going to be having an employment information session in a couple of weeks, and my leader suggestion that I attend! Even though I’m not at goal (28 lbs., grrr) I can get more information on what it means to work for Weight Watchers.  It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned it, but one of my goals after I make lifetime is to become a leader. This just puts me one step closer!


So, what have you done this week that you’re proud of?

2 thoughts on “Bringing it Back

  1. Kristen

    I’m proud of YOU! You do so much (run, cook, knit… etc.) and still have time to listen to me bitch and moan on the phone to you.


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