Friday Favorites


Another new series comin’ at ya!

In an effort to become a more regular (and diverse) blogger, I’ve started my Wedding Wednesday and now Friday Favorites features.


Mmm…avocado. I picked some up last week ($.29/each!) and have been enjoying them in salads all week. Love me some healthy fat.


Burt’s Bees. Keeps my lips moisturized, shiny, and minty fresh!


Wedding Blogs – go here for the top 100 of 2011. These are my new obsession.


google calendat

Google calendar. This thing keeps me organized and sane. I love that it syncs directly with my iPhone so I don’t have to enter things twice. I can only imagine how much more I’ll love it once wedding planning kicks into high gear.


These boots from Payless. Best $40 I’ve spent this winter. These are pretty comfortable and keep my legs toasty in skirts and dresses. I love boots but have a really tough time finding ones that fit over my large calves, and these fit with enough room for a pair of skinny jeans or tights and socks.


So, that’s what I’m loving this week. Check back next week to see some more of my favorites!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Megan

    i really need to go to payless and get me some of those boots! they’re adorable! and i have large calves, too, so knowing they’re large calf friendly makes them ever MORE adorable!



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