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Quick and easy run on the treadmill last night, that is. I kept it from making me want to claw my eyes out by doing some intervals/speed work. I ran .25 miles at 5.7/5.8, then for the next .25 miles I increased the speed .1 every .05 miles. (Confused?) Basically, I was constantly increasing or decreasing the speed, which makes for a happy treadmill run.

After that I did a little bit of strength training. To see what I did, go here.

I also got my hair did. It’s been 8 weeks since my last haircut, which was about 3 weeks too long. My stylist now has a big shiny engagement ring on her finger, so we talked wedding stuff while she was cutting my hair.

Dinner was another new recipe, but it wasn’t too exciting. I’ll post it later and you can let me know what you think. I’ll also be posting the recipe for the baked mac and cheese I made a few nights ago.

Hmm…what else? I had a lovely chat with my brother’s girlfriend.

I’m a little sore from my run. Can’t decide if it’s because I didn’t stretch enough before, because I ran on a treadmill, or because my shoes are getting close to their mileage. I really hope it’s not the last one; my bank account doesn’t really have an extra $100 lying around for a new pair of Brooks.

Did you check out yesterdays Wedding Wednesday post?

Question: Do you mind wedding stuff being posted on here, or would you rather I use a different blog? Be honest – I don’t want to bore anyone with wedding details (or running details, if you came for the wedding stuff Winking smile).

3 thoughts on “Quick and Easy

  1. Kasie

    I wouldn’t mind wedding stuff. I LOVE weddings…and have a box filled with my own personal wedding ideas for when I find someone that will take that plunge with me. Shhhhh…it’s our little secret. Haha

  2. Megan

    i wouldn’t mind reading wedding things on this blog, but it might make it easier (or more confusing) for you to have 2 blogs, but 2 easily separated blogs.

    either way, i won’t mind.

    1. Melissa Post author

      Thanks for you thoughts! I think I will do a wedding-centric blog, just to keep things easily separated.

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